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When I started this journey I didn't just want to make candles. I wanted to encourage people to take just a few minutes out of their day to give their minds and bodies a break from their digital-paced life. While Jamaica is my ancestral home, Ireland 25 years later became my spiritual one. My belief in the metaphysical helped me to appreciate and become part of their distinct holistic and spiritual cultures. Having drawn inspiration from this my aim is to help others to heal, maintain mindfulness and mental health by candlelight and embrace nature. 

Over the years of purchasing paraffin candles I sought healthier, less smoky alternatives, with more natural scents to aid my meditation practice. As a qualified Aromatherapist I was used to blending oils for decades for use at home and work, so, I decided to have a go at making my own candles using my knowledge of oils. As it turned out, friends and family felt a noticeable difference with their air quality, its scent and burn time. Years later, ÍLYS™ was born. 

Soy Candle Making

We are dedicated to helping reduce our carbon-footprint by striving to create not just beautiful products, but those which are green with sustainability as an integral part of the process. By utilising only nature's resources, quality is always guaranteed. 

So, take a few moments out of your day to unwind, centre your being, nurture your mind or revitalise your skin. Enjoy the most luxurious and unique hand crafted natural products from the Emerald Isle and experience purity in every jar.