Spring Blend No. 1 Body Oil Massage Candle

Spring Blend No. 1 Body Oil Massage Candle

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Treat yourself to an indulgent experience with our Limited Edition Spring blend of Cedarwood and Lavender, mixed with moisturising organic Shea and Coconut butter infused with our Soya wax. Enjoy a candle and skincare product in one!

Spring brings forth the sense of new life and light. Soothe and nourish your skin from cold weather, as selected oils and butters help to balance and brighten, reduce fine lines and inflammation, promote healing and improve overall skin health. Encourage your skin to hydrate and breathe, while earthy and woody aromas aid in stimulation of the mind. Or, induce calm and relaxation with floral sweet tones while gently and safely detoxifying your air. 

Gift yourself or someone special!

Next Availability Spring 2025!

Read about the enhanced benefits of Cedarwood and Lavender using our Essential Oils Guide.

Part of our Exclusive Seasons™ Range.

Please read our How to Use guide before purchase.

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